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Mar 13, 2013 11:30pm PDT
to walk. >> our taxes go to that. make it look nice, and we brag about how pretty it looks. now we can walk down the sidewalk. >> reporter: the vta spokesperson told me today, no additional taxpayer money will have to be spent for repairs. she's confident the agency will be able to recoup the cost through insurance, and forcing drivers who caused damage to pay up. ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> a search for a missing oakland woman has now been called off. 31-year-old erica maskkaleres's cell phone places her at the golden gate bridge at about the same time a person jumped from the span. they have not recovered a body. >>> state lawmakers are now considering a bill that would allow students at public universities to use credit from online institutions. if approved it would be the first in the country to address impacted campuses. supporters say the bill is needed so that california's public universities can immediate the demand for basic required courses. it also calls for a panel that would approve the content of those online courses. >>> a 15-year-old girl is taking home a $20,000 scholars
Mar 19, 2013 11:30pm PDT
including providing services like police, fire and set up. also that santa clara wave a hotel tax for 350 rooms for nfl teams and staff, eliminate an nfl ticket surcharge, as well as an offsight parking permit fee. the city is requiring the bid committee to cover those costs. its goal is to raise $25 to $30 million. >> that is going to be the challenge of the host committee is torrets the funds necessary. >> we're first. we're not behind others. we'll be first to get paid. we'll make sure our costs are covered. >> reporter: some questioned why a multibillion business needs these types of incentives. >> i find what's being proposed somewhat appalling. essentially we're bike the nfl to come here. >> the stadium boosters have managed to admit that the deal benefits the san francisco 49ers, but not the city of santa clara. >> reporter: santa clara's competition did not approve the financial incentives requested by the nfl. >>> more details now, the bay area could see revenue similar to new orleans in this year's super bowl. that was about $185 million. league owners are expected to vote on wh
Mar 18, 2013 11:30pm PDT
legislators received $30,000 in tax free per diem payments. the governor made less than 6 others around the country. he earned $173,000. the governor of pennsylvania was the highst paid in the nation earning just over $183,000. >>> authorities in contra costa county identified a victim of a fiery accident on the freeway. he was a 31-year-old from walnut creek he died yesterday, north of danville after his motorcycle hit a car. he was involved in a race with several other cars including a nissan 380z that hit the embankment and burst into flames the driver was hospitalized with serious injuries. >>> the man shot and killed at a richmond bart station last thursday has been identified. 34-year-old raymond harris of san pablo. police found him on the station stairs of 19th street and mcdonald avenue. witnesses heard a number of shots at this point no one has been arrested. >>> fans of lululemon swear by the shaping benefits of the yoga pants but some may be showing off more than they intend to. they have stopped shipment of some of their pants deemed too sheer. a fabric problem. any purchas
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3